Below is a link to an article that I agree with about the direction that libraries have moved in. While it is important to remember that technology is needed and is important within public libraries, it is almost important to remember that it is still a library! A library is a place for quiet, pondering ones thoughts and reading. I have been in a library working on a paper, wishing the librarians would “Shhhh!” those patrons who thought it was acceptable to yell and carry on despite being in a library. This newspaper article makes a good point that while we need technology, it does not need to be in “every nook and cranny”?

It also sparks a fear in me for the future generations and the dependency that they will have on technology. While my generation has grown with the technological changes and have become more dependant on gadgets and the internet, we still remember what a Dictionary is, not just We still enjoy the feeling of a real book, while acknowledging the accessibility and ease of digital books.

Take a look at the article from and let me know what you think!