If you haven’t read “It’s a Book” by Lane Smith, do it! This book is the perfect example of how kids are growing up with technology and forgetting the beauty of a book. The monkey continually tries to explain to the jackass that what he is reading is a book. It doesn’t Tweet, need to be charged and it won’t beep at you. A book is a thing of beauty. The feeling, the smell, and the voices you make when reading them out loud. Books bring joy. This children’s book is one of “Heather’s kids pick”, and I agree. Kids should all read this book. I learned about this book during my Information Sources and Services class and I love it!

Technology is everywhere. I’m using it to write and post this blog, you’re using it to read my blog. I’m not saying shelter the next generation from technology, that’s next to impossible and wouldn’t be healthy either. What I’m saying it read them a book, not an e-book. Make voices for different characters, don’t put on a movie and let it do the story telling for you. In the story, the jackass doesn’t even know what a book is. Lets not have this happen. My future career relies on technology and the ability to access it, but I can’t forget that feeling a book in my hands, even risking a paper cut. Actually that sounds perfect right now. Time to read without a screen!

This book is available at Chapters, Coles, Amazon and even, your public library 🙂

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