On my blog you can find a widget to my goodreads account. I believe that this information is important because of the nature of my blog as a future librarian. I read a variety of material and am always open to trying new books. While I love to sit around with a good Nora Roberts, I also enjoy a biography or a graphic novel. I can admit Sci-fi is not something I am generally drawn to, if one is suggested to me, I’m willing to give it a try.

I have debated using a Twitter widget to connect you, my readers to my Twitter but have decided that including that would clutter my page unnecessarily. Instead, I will include the occasional link to it for those that choose to follow me. So, follow me on Twitter! @MargTindale. This Twitter is specifically for posting my opinion on changes in the field, book related Tweets and the Masters of Library and Information Sciences program at the University of Western Ontario.