The city and library branch that I recently visited will remain anonymous for the purpose of this blog.

I recently took a trip to a local public library in an effort to look through their young adult section. This task was to help me better understand how some of the local branches in my current city organize their materials in regards to the materials they carry. When searching for the young adult section, I was unable to find area under that specific a heading so I began looking at different sections around the library. By doing this, I found that titles and authors that would typically fall under this category were divided into two sections of the library, the “children’s section” and “other materials”. This would make it difficult for young adults to find materials that are aimed at them because they would not want to be looking in the children’s section for older books and unless you are someone who is willing to ask the staff or wander the library, you wouldn’t be able to find the materials you desired. A better way or organizing these materials would be by compiling them in one, identifiable section that teens and young adults would be able to locate without difficulty.

While I feel that this branch could better organize their young adult section, I did find this library to be welcoming, provide generous space for sitting and reading and is active in its community outreach.