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The debate between which is better continues– the book or the movie? I have always said that the book is better, until I remembered Meg Cabot’s The Princess Diaries. After re-watching this movie for the 100th time– not an exaggeration– and thinking back to when I read the books, the movie was better! Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway bought the characters to life in a way that made them loveable, and you don’t find Mia so annoying. I found the books to lag on and made me not want to read the next one whereas the movie is enjoyable and is something I want to see again and again.

Books allow for details to be shown that movies simply cannot do. You can’t get into the heads of the characters in a movie, you don’t get to hear what it is they are thinking, you only get to see what they do. It’s said that a pictures worth a thousand words, but those thousand words allow you to create the image that you want, personalizing the story. When a book becomes a film, the reader looses that image in their head, that personalization and turns it into something else. Except in the case of The Princess Diaries I would say that, the book is better.


I’ve provided a link to the band “Axis of Awesome” and their song Rage of Thrones which is about their view on books vs. movies (or shows) using the example of Game of Thrones. This song does talk about the plot so if you’re behind in the books you may not wish to view it… but check out their other songs, so funny.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CLCOvZOh1o