A commonly used web site that promotes Do It Yourself Projects is Pintrest. This is a public forum that allows for people around the world to come together and present ideas to other members of the site. While this site does require a membership in order to save ‘Pins’ or post ‘Pins’ but a membership is free and only requires a valid e-mail address and a password. By searching “DYI & Crafts” you are instantly connected to hundreds of craft ideas and step by step instructions.

            As a crafter, I find this site to be a useful source for a variety of projects ranging from candles, paint, snow globes and knitting. As a young adult, I value this source because it has encouraged me to try new projects that I did not believe I would be able to complete because of a lack of direction. Crafting for me a way of relaxing and allowing myself to become completely engrossed in a project that I decided to pursue on my own for my own enjoyment. 

This site can be accessed at http://www.pintrest.com