The article Point of Departure by Joseph Bruchac in response to Clare Bradford’s essay highlights the importance of Native writers writing about their heritage. It talks about how those that study and even immurse themselves in other cultures cannot fully understand what it is like to be part of them. Bruchac who is of “mixed blood” (Bruchac, 343) explains that he is someone who struggled to find his identity in Native writing as he grew up during a time where it was safer for your family not to be Native. It is also explained that while someone can be born Native, it does not mean they are instantly born with the understanding of what those before them have experienced.

I found this article to be interesting because it provided a different view on the writings of Native people that I have not often found in academic writing. It is important to remember that studying a culture does not mean that you have lived it, the experiences from generation to generation affect how the family lives.