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I recommend this novel for young adults based on the strong female lead, Tris Prior. This is a sixteen year old female who is faced with the challenge of leaving her family for another way of living and finding out that her new home, along with others are planning on killing her family and everyone from her previous life. With this she must also survive through an intense initiation process and deal with her feelings towards one of her trainers, feelings she has never had before. Tris is an example of a young woman dealing with the challenges of the world and not acting in the typical teenage, love driven way that many teenagers in popular culture are displayed as.

The writing in this novel is fluid and keeps the audience engaged, wondering what will happen next. As each new character enters there is a mystery as to what benefit may come to them based on their actions and how those actions will affect the outcome of the story.

A disadvantage to the book is its length of 487 pages. Some readers will be turned off form the novel from the sheer volume. The description in the novel allows for a clear picture of the settings, had Roth used less imagery she would have been able to have a smaller book in size that would have appealed to a larger audience. I would refrain from allowing readers under fourteen from reading due to violence.

I would place this novel in the Young Adult section of my library as it appeals to both young adults and adult readers.