Insurgent is the second installment in the Divergent series. The story continues from where the previous book ended, with Tris (the female protagonist) and her boyfriend Tobias leaving the city in which they grew up for the first time. Together, they work with others who are no longer accepted in society in an effort to regain control of the city. However, the group fails to realize Tris is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and they continuously challenge and questions her self-destructive methods.

Throughout the story, Tris’s character develops into an adult who must now reflect on what has happened to her in recent months and decide who she is as an individual. She provides an example to youth that choices and actions can have long-term affects on not only themselves but also those around you them.

This fast paced book will keep the reader guessing about where the loyalties of each character lay, and what that will mean for Tris and Tobias. The writing style of this novel was engaging and descriptive, allowing for the reader to have a better sense of what it was Tris was feeling and seeing.

This novel is in popular demand as the first movie has just been released in theaters. There are currently no available hard copies in a London public library.

This is a young adult novel that has the capacity to appeal to readers of all ages.

When placing this novel in my public library, I would classify it as young adult literature.