This is a review of the article “There’s an App for That” by Linda Braun.

This article touches on something that I have had strong opinions of for years. It discusses how the use of electronic devices such as tablets and smart phones in conjunction with apps are the new way of learning and should be what schools and libraries are moving towards. It might be the new way of learning, for the middle and upper class but it is very exclusionary to those that do not have the funds.

Having an app for a textbook rather than the physical sources would result in some kids not having the same access to the material that other do. Many schools do not have the funding to supply their students with devices such as this and not all parents can afford to provide their children with these toys.

It is understandable and necessary for students to have deceives such as these in order to see or hear the materials if they have a learning disability or are a person with blindness. In these cases, the materials should be made available to the students through the school but not all students need access to these materials.

In today’s society, there really is an app for everything. By constantly having young adults (and adults) constantly distracted by the apps on their phone not just the learning apps but games, society as a whole have become technology obsessed and lack social skills.

The article is interesting but personally, I want much of the technology already present out of the schools; I do not want more put in.