This review comes from the article “Picture Books” by Mary Anne Nichols and Carolyn S. Brodie

 I agree with this article that picture books are a useful tool for young adults and reading.  Picture books such as graphic novels are an effective way of presenting the story in a way that readers can understand.

 The “Maus” series of graphic novels is an example of how history can be told in a non-traditional way that may help readers fully understand what happened. In this series, American cartoonist Art Spiegelman interviewed his Polish father about his experience as a Holocaust survivor. In the graphic novel, those being persecuted are depicted as mice and the Nazi’s as cats. It brings to life the story of Spiegelman’s father’s journey and what it took in order to survive during this time. For youth that are non-readers or not interested in history, this novel allows the story to be presented in a way that is new to them and will draw in their attention.

 Graphic novel as a whole are a great source of literature for young adults. One of my personal favourites is the “Lock and Key” series that has been published. This series is written by Joe Hill, is illustrated by Gabriel Rodriguez and published by IDW Publishing. After moving away from graphic novels this series pulled me back into the world of magic, mystery and deep emotions that are felt throughout the series. Highly recommend and is available through the London Public Library.

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