Enders Game
By: Orson Scott Card



This is the first sci-fi book that I’ve read and the first that ever caught my interest. This book came highly recommended from many people that are all into science fiction writing. I finished the book and came away happy. I really enjoyed the book but never really felt that it was something so strange that it couldn’t happen. When this novel was written the idea of living in a world shaped like this with soldiers being trained from childhood doesn’t seem so far away. It was interesting to see how the Wiggin siblings influenced the world as well as outer space. At first I did not like how the author switched between Ender’s story and the story of his siblings on Earth but in the end it made sense to the story.

The author was able to show the emotional trials that a child would be experiencing if being taken away from their homes and family as well as the challenges that many adults face in the working world. The balance between child and adult within one character is unique. It was striking when reading the novel and Ender would be forced to make a decision that men and women with twenty years experience in battle would not be able to easily make and he was making these choices all before the age of ten.

For someone who is hesitant about reading science fiction, I recommend this book as it is not overwhelming for a beginner.